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Finding a Home

Buying an existing property

I sometimes receive enquiries from people who are just at the point of trying to buy a property. If that is your situation - itís good to have caught you at this stage! If you are buying in Scotland then you will have access to a Home Information Pack (usually referred to as a Home Report) for the property that you are considering purchasing. The quality of these reports has improved since they were first introduced. However, I still sometimes encounter situations where a property has very obvious problems and this is not well explained in the Home Report. The Report may not give you any indication of how easy or difficult particular problems may be to set right or how much such remedial work might cost. It is well worth getting a second opinion on any potential purchases before you commit. And even more so if you are intending to alter or extend the property once purchased. If this is your situation, please consider getting in touch. I can certainly offer some advice for free and perhaps arrange a visit to the property and then provide some more formal feedback.

Buying a site and building a new home

I would offer similar advice to those looking for a plot of land on which to build a new house. Of course there is a lot more to consider when building from scratch. Again I would urge you to seek a second opinion before committing. Most sites offered for sale will have some kind of Planning Consent in place. If there isn't anything then it may be that the current owner has tried to obtain consent and failed, so it would be worthwhile if possible to find out the history of any applications submitted for the site and perhaps make an offer subject to obtaining Planning. Rural sites have very different rules about what can and cannot be built than urban sites. Even if a building plot has a Planning in Principle (Outline) consent or a full consent, this does not always mean that you have access to all of the information you need to know in order to progress with a build. In particular, it is worth investigating utilities and geological records and also looking at access rights. If this is your situation I urge you to get in touch and get some informal advice or arrange for a site visit and some more formal assistance.

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