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The basic cost, up to obtaining Building Warrant, for a house extension or renovation ranges from around £1,500 to £3,000. The cost for a new build house ranges from around £6,000 to £10,000. Commercial projects will attract fees relative to the size and difficulty of the project. This does not include council fees for Planning and Warrant applications or costs of third party consultants, such as a structural engineer. Below are listed types of work that will allow for exemption from fees or money back offers.

Charities, Social Enterprises, Co-housing and Eco-village projects - NO FEES up to Sketch Design stage. Reduced fees for later stages, depending on nature of project.

Demolition or Change of Use to allow for Wild Land, Community Gardens, Community Supported Agriculture or Allotments - NO FEES.

Carbon-negative house design:- £4,000 money back.

New houses where floor area is equal or less than provisions of the 'Glasgow Standard':- £2000 money back.

Off-grid dwelling - £1,500 money back.

Passivhaus design - £1,200 money back.

Glued laminated timber in place of steel structure - £1,000 money back.

Improvement to thermal performance of building (where thermal envelope is enlarged). - £500 money back.

Works that provide an over all improvement to insulation of an existing building. (Where heated envelope is not enlarged) - £200 money back.

Micro-renewable installations (Solar PV, solar thermal, Ground source or air source heat pump, wind turbine, micro-hydro scheme, biomass boiler, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) installation) £200 money back per installation.

Area of glazing no more than 1/15th of new floor area - £200 money back.

Sedum or turf roof - £150 money back.

Closure of existing vehicular access - £150 money back.

Use of low impact materials. (Fireclay block, clay brick, reclaimed stone, straw bale, earth bunded or cob external walls, or all-timber construction. UK sourced structural timber.) £100 money back per material. (Hemp, wood fibre, sheep’s wool, recycled glass or recycled plastic insulation products are now the default for all builds, along with Timber or Aluclad window frames.)

Triple glazing - £100 money back.

Use of a contractor signed up to the ‘Considerate Contractors’ scheme - £100 money back.

Replacement of existing hardstanding to soft landscaping - £100 money back.

Water collection system - £100 money back.

Use of aluminium gutters and downpipes - £70 money back.

Passive solar design with trombe wall - £70 money back.

Use of 'Fermacell' in place of normal plasterboard - £50 money back.

Passive stack ventilation system - £50 money back.

Shutters to all new windows:- £50 money back.

Compost toilet - £50 money back.

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