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About the Business

I offer a straight-forward architectural design and draughting service for all types of buildings - both domestic and commercial. Please follow the links from the home page to see current and completed projects. The service comprises the following stages:-

Carry out a measured survey of the property and prepare ‘As Existing’ drawings.

Prepare design drawings based on client requirements.

Submit an application for Planning Consent.

Prepare detailed drawings and submit an application for Building Warrant.

Help find a building contractor on behalf of clients and supervise works through to completion.

All of the above stages are costed from the outset. I also provide an indication of the likely costs of council fees for the various approvals needed and any third party consultant's fees. For instance, there may be a requirement for a structural engineer.

As a business, I aim to promote ecological solutions to building wherever possible. I can advise on such matters as renewable energy installations, ecologically-sound building materials and also grants and loans that may be available to clients to help with the costs involved. I do not take projects that include the installation of a heating system using fossil fuel; so no gas boilers, or systems running on oil or LPG. Instead, householders are encouraged to consider one of the many renewable options available. I do not take projects that involve providing a Garage or Carport. Please note that ecologically-sound insulation products are now the default option for all projects. PIR (Polyisocyanurate) insulation products - Kingspan, Celotex, etc. - are not specified. Also, windows and external doors are specified as timber or 'Aluclad' (timber with an outer layer of aluminium). Pvc windows, doors, eaves, soffits and barge boards are not specified. Concrete roof tiles are not specified and clients are encouraged to use fireclay tiles (sometimes referred to in Scotland as Rosemary tiles) as an alternative.

The business also looks to provide help to charities and social enterprises who may otherwise struggle to have architectural work prepared on their behalf. Initial drawings can be prepared for little or no fee in order to assist such groups in applying for funding and for preliminary discussions with the council and potential stakeholders. Please see the Fees section for more information on this and other reductions available for specific types of work.

With low overheads and minimal running costs, I am able to provide very competitive pricing. An initial visit can often be made to your property free of charge and this is followed by a letter explaining the various works which may be involved, along with a proposal of fees.

For more detail about making an appointment and also about the consents that might be needed for your project, please see the relevant pages elsewhere on this site.

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