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An opportunity

Even a very modest project - a house extension or a loft conversion - is an opportunity to do something interesting and exciting as well as creating more space for your property. You can enhance the neighbourhood, by adding to the sense of place that the surrounding buildings and landscape provide. You can enhance your home or workplace by providing a more energy-efficient building, through good insulation, and an up-to-date heating system with perhaps its own energy supply. You can enhance your lifestyle by choosing a design that uses natural materials and respects the planet. In the 21st century, and in one of the richest nations on Earth, it seems absurd that we settle for housing and buildings that are often just bland and uninspiring. In the sections that follow, this page looks at some of the most common alterations that people wish to make to their properties, describes the issues involved and offers a guide to getting the best results for your project. To begin with though, some brief notes on work not requiring any consents.

Works not requiring consent

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